Allessimo Reality Puzzles 3D Speed Demon Puzzle
Speed Demon
Allessimo Reality Puzzles 3D Speed Demon Puzzle
Speed Demon

Speed Demon

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Race down the highway at hyper-speed.

Provides a fun, yet complex task to a child that takes a good amount of critical thinking and problem solving to complete. At the same time, they are provided with an artistic outlet for them to create their own adventure and story with what they build. Builds critical thinking skills, the science of fun, and learning mixed with artistry and creativity. 

  • Spark your kids’ critical thinking 
  • Provides hours of structured activity that is designed to enrich learning
  • Boost your kids’ brainpower with these puzzles’ intricate designs 
  • Inclusive of all children regardless of gender and interests
  • Teaches about dinosaurs, wild animals, circus pals, and mythical creatures!
  • Give your kids the advantage with the combination of STEM and creativity 
  • Let your kids’ imagination soar while playing the figures
  • Collect all designs to display and play
  • Recommended Ages: 5+


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