Prehistoric Roamers


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Learn all about the magnificent mammoth as you watch it walk and roar! Teaching history can be dull and boring but with Prehistoric Roamers your child gets to enjoy and learn at the same time as these dinosaurs puzzles bring about true to life interaction as they move around and flaunt their skills

  • DIY interactive dinosaur puzzle
  • Boosts your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Enhances your child’s ability to build and assemble things
  • Allows your child to think outside the box and formulate strategies in building the puzzle
  • Moving puzzles that turn your child’s imagination into reality
  • Engages your child in a more immersive and interactive learning experience
  • Teaches your child about prehistoric creatures, widening their perspective
  • Allows your child to formulate ideas, questions about the world around them
  • Easy to understand instructions suitable for your child
  • A perfect bonding experience for you and your child
  • Suitable for children ages 12 and above
  • Battery-operated
  • No glues or tools required to assemble 

Product Features:

  • Package Size: 300*235*55mm;
  • Package Weight: 800g;
  • Assembling Time: 4 hours;
  • Package Content:
    • Wooden Parts;
    • Plastic Parts;
    • Battery Box;
    • Motor;
    • Instructions