Chirping Cicada
Chirping Cicada
Chirping Cicada
Chirping Cicada
Love Bugs Origami

Chirping Cicada

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Did you know that some broods of cicadas only appear every 13 or 17 years? Don’t miss your chance to create your own puzzle cicada and learn more about these magnificent creatures!

  • 3D insect puzzle with vibrant colors
  • A fun way to teach kids about insects and nature
  • Perfect for children, child-at-heart, or bonding for the entire family
  • Includes complete parts and detailed instructions for easy assembly
  • Pop the paper puzzle pieces, follow the instructions and have fun
  • Stimulates kids’ creativity
  • Keep kids off electronic gadgets
  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in your child
  • Bond with the kids as you assemble the puzzles
  • Amusing and conversation piece display once finished
  • Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, made of paper material
  • Easy to follow instructions