Aquarium Friends
Aquarium Friends
Aquarium Friends
Aquarium Friends
Music Box

Aquarium Friends

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 Join your sea critter friends in the quest to find the most splendid song of the seas! With Aquarium Friends Music Box, your child will develop problem-solving and critical thinking while assembling the DIY kit. Also, the music from the music box helps develop different facets of your child’s well-being. 

  • DIY 3D puzzle kit to create a dazzling musical box
  • Timeless treasures of mystical places and creatures for your amusement
  • Perfect for children and child-at-heart who loves building things
  • A creative bonding experience for the whole family
  • Assemble the pieces based on the instructions included. Wind it up, and enjoy the music
  • Keep your kids entertained while stimulating their minds
  • Showcase the creation to friends and family
  • Enjoy the relaxing music from your dazzling music box
  • Develop your child’s problem-solving skills
  • Laser pre-cut wooden pieces for easy and seamless assembly
  • Simple instructions that even kids understand
  • Detailed and lovely design
  • Awesome display for desk, bar, restaurant, coffee shop; the options are endless
  • Conversation piece display. Tell friends and family members your experience making it


  • WEIGHT 0.6 kg
  • ASSEMBLED SIZE: 125*110*164mm
  • WOOD PIECES: 123 pcs
  • MELODY: If I Stop Loving