Jungle Cat
Jungle Cat
Jungle Cat
Jungle Cat
Jungle Cat
Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat

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Did you know tigers can run up to 40 miles per hour while on a hunt? Create your own majestic beast and prepare to ambush your jungle prey. 

Allessimo Puzzles are recommended for children Ages 5+.

These Reality Puzzles are Developing Children’s Creativity & Intelligence while Having Fun!

  • Boost Imagination & Creativity
  • The Perfect Bonding Experience
  • Introduce STEM Concepts Early
  • Teaches Problem Solving & Patience

Step 1: Build

Step 2: Paint

Step 3: Show Off

Why Should Your Children Build Allessimo™ Reality Puzzles?

These Reality Puzzles "secretly" introduce tough subjects like math, mechanics and engineering into your child's play time. And, they develop their imagination and creativity while playing with a fun and rewarding toy.

What's in the Box?

Puzzle Pieces





The original Allessimo Reality Puzzles collection. Build and paint the perfect masterpiece anyway you want! (Ages 5+)

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