Clockwork Maze
Clockwork Maze
Clockwork Maze
Clockwork Maze
Clockwork Maze
Clockwork Maze
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Clockwork Maze

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Tick tock! Master the gears of a clock as you assemble a wooden clock maze powered by the mighty pendulum!

Based on a retro-style mechanical timepiece, Allessimo Clockwork Maze pendulum clock features a particular pendulum mechanism that needs more attention and patience.  It can keep working for 3~4 hours maximum, prolonging the building fun the maximum amount as you would like.

  • Boosts your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Enhances your child’s ability to build and assemble things
  • Allows your child to think outside the box and formulate strategies in building the puzzle
  • Develops your child’s ability to think of techniques depending on the situation he/she is in
  • Teaches your child about classic vehicles and their distinctions
  • Allows your child to formulate ideas, questions about the world around them
  • A variety of vehicles to choose from
  • Sleek and stylish design, perfect for playtime with friends
  • Collect all for a complete and fun learning experience
  • Easy to understand instructions suitable for your child
  • Compact and portable, bring and assemble anywhere
  • Can be a collaborative effort
  • A perfect bonding experience for you and your child
  • Display your child’s creation and boost his/her confidence 
  • No glues or tools required to assemble

Product Specifications

  • A gravity-swing pendulum with precise anchor escapement
  • Assembled Size: 234x117x346 mm
  • Recommended Ages: 14+
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