Racer's Alley
Racer's Alley
Racer's Alley
Racer's Alley
Racer's Alley
Racer's Alley
Mechanical Masterpiece Marble Run

Racer's Alley

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Crank that lever and race those marbles in this puzzle track to see who will run the winning lap! With Racer's Alley, your child will develop problem-solving skills while assembling the DIY kit, and teach them basic mechanical components and engineering.

  • Wooden 3D puzzle assembled to create simple mechanical wonders
  • Figures have mechanical gears that can move, turn, and light up
  • Perfect for teens and adults 14 years old and above who are interested in intellectual stimulation
  • Family time while helping each other build the figures
  • Pop-out the puzzle pieces, follow the simple instructions to assemble and play
  • Keeps your kids and yourself busy while assembling this DIY kit
  • Develop your child’s problem-solving skills
  • Let kids create something useful in their daily lives
  • Have your children use something they made
  • Pre-cut wooden pieces for easy assembly
  • Simple instructions that even kids understand
  • Detailed and lovely designs
  • Awesome display for desk, bar, restaurant, coffee shop; the options are endless
  • Conversation piece display. Tell friends and family members your experience making it
  • Vintage design to accentuate any space