Allessimo Reality Puzzles Terrific Triceratops 3D Clay Stem Puzzle


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Terrific Triceratops - Clay

Imagine roaming the earth 65 million years ago as this three-horned dinosaur.  

Allessimo Puzzles are recommended for children Ages 5+.

These Reality Puzzles are Developing Children’s Creativity & Intelligence while Having Fun!

  • Boost Imagination & Creativity
  • The Perfect Bonding Experience
  • Introduce STEM Concepts Early
  • Teaches Problem Solving & Patience

Why Should Your Children Build Allessimo™ Reality Puzzles?

These Reality Puzzles "secretly" introduce tough subjects like math, mechanics and engineering into your child's play time. And, they develop their imagination and creativity while playing with a fun and rewarding toy.

What's in the Box?

Puzzle Pieces




Let your children's imagination run wild! With Allessimo Clay Puzzles children can sculpt and color thier creation any way they dream. (Ages 3+)

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